Savanna Public Health Consulting LLC


Who are we? 

Savanna Public Health L.L.C is a registered firm dedicated to improving public health programs and projects across Africa through approaches based on the understanding of the critical needs and available resources for the target population.
The firm was founded in 2019, to address some of the challenges that organizations face mainly in areas of program planning, monitoring and evaluation, technical assistance and capacity building.
We are proudly serving Burundi, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, Togo, Mali, Nigeria, Angola, and Zimbabwe.

What we do

At Savanna Public Health Consulting L.L.C we focus on designing programs, and services that are scalable and sustainable for low resource settings, through community partnerships and collaboration with governmental and nonprofit agencies.

Program Monitoring and Evaluation

We will work with you to conduct a thorough program evaluation and provide sound recommendations for your programs or interventions to improve  impact and outcomes.

Quality Assurance & Improvement

 We support organizations build the right tools and skills so they can adequately provide quality health care 

Application & Technical Support

Provide technical assistant in setting up the right structure and environment.

Research and Academic Writing

Savanna will work with you to design and conduct  research for evidence-based practice

Data Management and Tools

At Savanna we are data driven,  We are experienced in using up to date data tools to analyzing, visualize and present data

Why Choose Us? 



Our public health services address critical gaps in the health of our communities through collaboration.



Savanna supports public health organizations to build stronger capacity  and systems to succeed in attaining their goals.



Savanna Public Health L.L.C is dedicated to improving public health programs and projects across Africa with utmost professionalism.


Client responsive

Our staff provides quality and timely response to your project needs.

We Can Help You