Our Health Services

Do you work in healthcare or public health sector, managing programs or run health promotion programs?

We can help you:
– Develop a strategic program to set measurable indicators and outcome objectives.
– Design easy data collection approaches in difficult environments.
– Analyze and report outcome data.
– Train staff to enable them conduct future monitoring and evaluation activities.

Savanna Public Health Services offers comprehensive public health services to address critical gaps in the health and wellbeing of our communities, focusing on building robust projects that are locally sustainable, and expertly support existing programs or projects to meet their wildly important goals.

Our Services

Program Monitoring and Evaluation Services

Savanna Public health L.L.C offers independent program planning, monitoring and evaluation services to help strengthen your interventions and increase impact and outcomes. We align our services with your objectives, goals and mission. We do this through our efforts in understanding your organization’s core values and the services you provide.
We emphasize on robust data collection and rigorous data analysis to help plan and execute effective strategies for the desired health, social and economic outcomes. 
Our experts offer the following evaluation services:
Formative evaluation to help you determine if the program or program activity is feasible, appropriate, and acceptable before it is fully implemented.
Process/implementation evaluation determines whether program activities have been implemented as intended.
Outcome/effectiveness evaluation measures program effects in the target population by assessing the progress in the outcomes or outcome objectives that the program is to achieve.
Impact evaluation to assess whether the program you implemented was effectiveness in achieving its ultimate goals.

Quality Assurance & Improvement

At Savanna Public Health L.L.C. we understand that health systems need to build tools to improve care and that efforts must be continuous and applied at all levels of projects, while is up to the organization to execute and run these activities we can help with providing the right tools and skills to measure performance, analyze progress, strengthen successes, as well as identify gaps in quality of service delivery, and thus improve the quality of services provided to target communities.

Technical Support

 Our staff provide technical support for public health projects from program development, implementation and evaluation and beyond. We also support organization operations such as developing strategies, interventions, outreach activities, health promotion, advertising, planning for Monitoring and Evaluations, collaborate on research projects, and connecting organizations with similar interests for collaboration. For hospitals that are looking to integrate public health and clinical services we provide technical assistant in setting up the right structure and environment for these blended programs.

Research and Academic Writing

Operational research is an integral aspect of public health programming, we are here to assist your team to answer salient research questions using either experimental or non-experimental techniques (cross-sectional, case control, cohort, etc.). This includes long term longitudinal randomized controlled trials. We can assist your team write up manuscripts and support submission to highly reputable academic journals.

Data Management

We analyze data and present it in an easy to read format, some of the services we offer include advanced analysis including statistical modelling and forecasting, visualization using google data visualization studio and infogram, other services include the application of Geographic Information Systems (ArcGIS) to analyze health data. We also conduct secondary analysis to answer complex programmatic or research question. Furthermore, we design and build electronic systems for disease surveillance.

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